About Us

Casa Araez

Who We Are

We are a family business with a wide experience in the hospitality industry.

Our charming restaurant is the perfect environment for all types of events, whether family or private gatherings, baptisms, communions, business lunches, etc.

Since our opening in October 2008, our main goal is to provide the maximum satisfaction for our customers. Our strategic location allows us to prepare a Mediterranean cuisine of the highest quality. That’s why our exquisite dishes are handcrafted by selecting the freshest raw materials of the highest quality, choosing the best raw materials from both the Region of Murcia and the Community of Valencia and putting all our love in our kitchens to ensure that every bite is a delight for your senses.

Our desire to excel and our passion to satisfy our customers make us have a constantly evolving menu that will help you escape the monotony and enjoy new flavors with the best products of each season.

Our restaurant offers a wide variety of specialties adapted to the satisfaction of all culinary tastes: from those demanding palates that enjoy traditional food to “nouvelle cuisine” lovers.

You can taste our delicious pastas and savor our Asian touches, enjoy our delicious rices, or savor our select meats and tasty fish. And to finish your meal with a good taste in your mouth, you can indulge yourself with our exquisite homemade desserts elaborated with the hint of sweetness that characterizes us.

In addition, if you enjoy a good wine, you can accompany your meal choosing from a wide selection of the most exquisite wines, preserved at their ideal temperature. They are the perfect accompaniment to a good business meal or a romantic evening.

We love every aspect of our work and that is why we strive to give our customers the excellent service they deserve by paying the utmost attention to each detail.

We are greatly honored to have your confidence and it is a great satisfaction to see our customers return to our restaurant year after year.